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Dearest Scotland: Letters Written to the Future of a Nation

Dearest Scotland: Letters Written to the Future of a Nation


Penned by Scots and non-Scots at home and abroad, Dearest Scotland is a cumulative collection of letters providing a snapshot of the nation in the six month period prior to and after the Independence Referendum.

Created as a strictly apolitical, non-partisan initiative to support Scottish literacy projects, the catalyst around Dearest Scotland evolved from asking what might Scotland look like in future years, regardless of the referendum result?

These letters both dodge and delve deep into our obsession with the weather, our love and loathe of the Irn Bru, shortbread tin, Rabbie Burns and are we’re giein it laldy enough mentality.

Capturing the hopes, fears, visions and dreams that were opened up on our year long journey, each one of these little time capsules starts with two simple words… Dearest Scotland...

We’re proud to guarantee 50% from the sale of every Dearest Scotland book will be donated to both existing and new Scottish literacy projects.





“I wish to make a sincere request. Please recognise the wonderful contribution of Dearest Scotland to our debate on ‘nationhood’ and their part in getting us to consider who we are and what kind of country we might desire to live in.”
  • Andy Legge, Teacher of English, History, Media & Modern Studies, Balnacraig School
“Letters are an irreplaceable way of expressing our thoughts and emotions and I commend the Dearest Scotland initiative for encouraging us to do just that in relation to Scotland itself.”
  • Fiona Hyslop, Cabinet Secretary for Culture, Europe and External Affairs
"The 'letter' format gives citizens the flexibility to express themselves as they see fit. The responses range from the everyday details to the ideological, the fantastical to the nostalgic, all within the same spirit of collective and earnest civic participation.”
  • Katie Gallogly-Swan, Editor/Co-Founder, Northern Renewal

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